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After 50,000 Generations, Bacteria Are Still Evolving Greater Fitness

The organism evolved to survive in the rich environment of our guts and, for many generations, it has all its nutritional needs seen to by the media scientists provide it. Lenski put them on a starvation diet, with only enough glucose to get them through a few cell divisions. After that, the cells had to either come up with a different energy source or sit around and wait link until the food was changed the next day. Every 500 generations, a sample from each of the dozen cultures was frozen, preserving the bacteria like a time capsule. Over the years, evolution has radically altered the bacteria. Some but not all the cultures evolved the ability to use citrate instead of glucose, leading to a significant growth advantage. Others picked up genetic changes that left them more susceptible to mutations, accelerating their ability to adapt.
Full story: http://arstechnica.com/science/2013/11/after-50000-generations-bacteria-are-still-evolving-greater-fitness/

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